JINXIN gauntlet can be widely used in any industrial application: 




                                                                                            ·Electrical Forklift Trucks

                                                                                            ·Electric Lift Trucks

                                                                                            ·Stacker Cranes

                                                                                            ·Automated Guided Vehicles

                                                                                            ·Golf Cars

                                                                                            ·Cleaning Machines


                                                                                            ·Lifting Platforms

                                                                                            ·Railway, Mines and underground systems

                                                                                            ·Starting Diesel Engines




                                                                                            ·Power supply for power plant

                                                                                            ·Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with high sensitive consumers

                                                                                            ·Control, safety and alarm system

                                                                                            ·Protection of the power supply of the signaling systems of railway and road traffic

                                                                                            ·Energy storage for renewable energy

                                                                                            ·Power supply for station and radio links